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Merit must be helped 

The spirit of the legacy

Learning, understanding, experiencing, distinguishing and recognizing are important degrees of knowledge. Throughout life all these wonderful activities are often kept for ourselves and the fruits of the art developed for so long with love and perseverance die with us, sometimes through indifference, selfishness or lack of awareness and vision of a future that, in one way or another even after our passing, will concern the people we have followed for years and with whom we have had the good fortune to share a special world. 

Not all talented young conductors have the opportunity to develop their passion due to financial difficulties involved in studying music. During my musical life and the decades of teaching, I have met very good musicians who, despite the efforts and results obtained, have had to limit their integrative experiences as much as possible, have not been able to travel to get to know new realities and have found themselves deprived of those fundamental opportunities for their growth. 

For this reason, I have decided to support talented young musicians who need an indispensable economic help for their training.

A scholarship, reserved for young people from all European Countries (UK included) and aged between 18 and 23, will be awarded every year and can be requested upon presentation of one's musical curriculum, an interview and a certification of the family income. The scholarship will cover the expenses for attending the course I hold at the Italian Conducting Academy in Milan and the accommodation during all its days for one year. 

The application can be send in May 2024 and will cover the period January 2025 - December 2025. The rules are listed on the appropriate page.

Gilberto Serembe
Founder and Teacher of the ICA

Italian Conductor, teacher, educator and talent-scout, born in Milano, Italy on the 17th December 1955.

Trained at the prestigious school of the last great Italian Teachers: Franco Ferrara, with whom he studied at the Academy Chigiana in Siena and Mario Gusella (school of Hermann Scherchen) with whom he studied at the Conservatory “G. Verdi” in Milan. Here, as a young student, he graduated in Composition with Bruno Bettinelli, teacher of prestigious conductors and soloists such as Claudio and Roberto Abbado, Muti, Chailly, Pollini, Ughi and Canino. The meeting with Carlo Maria Giulini in 1974, with whom he maintained a constant relationship for several years, was ethically significant and it had a decisive influence in his choices and his career.

Gilberto Serembe has conducted the main Italian chamber, symphonic and opera orchestras and renowned orchestras in Belgium, Netherland, Sweden, Finland, Hungary.

He was Full Professor of Conducting and Conductor of the orchestra of the Conservatorio of Milano, Genova and Brescia. At the same time, from 1988 to 2010 he was Professor of Conducting at the International Superior Courses of the Accademia Musicale Pescarese and from 2010 to 2012 at the Accademia Italiana per la Direzione d’Orchestra in Faenza of which he was the Principal Teacher and Inspirer. He has also held Masterclasses in Valencia, Spain. In 2013 he founded the Italian Conducting Academy, based in Milan.

Many Italian and foreign conductors coming from his school have reached international careers:  Alvaro Albiach, Matteo Beltrami, Luca Capoferri, Diego Ceretta, William Dutton, Roberto Fores Veses, Federico Frigo, Riccardo Frizza, Gianmaria Griglio, Octavio Mas Arocas, Fabio Mastrangelo, Enrico Saverio Pagano, Matteo Pagliari, Paolo Paroni, Ferdinando Sulla, Daniele Rustioni, Attilio Tomasello, Leonardo Vordoni, some of whom are his personal discoveries.

Gilberto Serembe is married to the composer Elisabetta Brusa

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